American Gothic Christmas (1F, 2M) An undercover couple finds an unexpected friend in an unexpected place on Christmas Eve.
Aphrodite at the ER
(1F, 1M) Very pregnant with Cupid and mysteriously transported into the 21st century, the goddess Aphrodite encounters the American health care system on Valentine Day.
Betty and Bob’s B&B (2F,2M) Betty and Bob’s adult son won’t leave home – until an Amelia Earhart look-alike shows up with an interesting proposal.
Christmas with Pat (2F, 3M) Pat comes home for Christmas knowing his family is weird, but not expecting a stranger to put his foot in the green beans, his grandfather to have a near-death experience, his mother to microwave the turkey, or his cheery sister to make it all fine.
Cosmo (1F, 1M) A dark little comedy about a young woman who wants to know who her father is and her wacky mother who doesn’t want to tell.
A Curiosity Quilt (3F) Polly loves spelling bees and hates quilting – until she sees a connection between what she loves and making quilts.
A Deal (2F) Tinker Bell is now a pyschiatrist, and the Fairy Grandmother needs her services, but Tink wants to be paid with something quite unusual.
Directions to Venus (1F,2M) An artist unhappily accepts directions from a truck driver who gets under his skin and into his wife’s sandals.
Encounter at the Ink Spot (1F, 1M) The Writer arrives at the Inkspot, a seedy bar where local literati hang out, claiming he's there to get over writer's block. The bartender isn't buying it. (Can be revised to use local names.)
The Estate Affair (1F, 1M) Two quirky people who meet through have to clear up a misunderstanding before their date can proceed.
English Therapy (3F,5M) Punctuation marks have feelings, too — they don't mind expressing them in the proper setting.
February 14 in Cosmetics (1F, 1M) Grace, who lives in North Dakota where the winters are frigid needs an oil change, but she's not sure she can trust the shy, polite mechanic whto suddenly appears at her work station on Valentine Day.
Fluffy (1F, 1M) A husband and wife find they have wildly different ideas about how to handle their pet’s demise.
An Illusion at Rock City (1F, 1M) Jane and Peter’s recent lives have been nothing like their picture-perfect childhood as Dick and Jane characters, but they still find a few things in common during a chance reunion at Rock City.
Hair Today (4F) The owner of Lila's Beauty, Barber, and Bait Shoppe must juggle the demands of her daughter, a cranky customer, and a stranger with motorcycle helmet hair who needs to look like a bride within hours.
Jessica's Day Off (2F) A bedraggled woman with no ID shows up at a posh isolated spa shortly before Christmas. The receptionist suspects the woman is an escapee from a nearby institution for people with mental health issues, especially when she claims she arrived by sleigh.
Levels of Living (2F,1M) An elderly woman who was accidentally placed in Hell resists efforts to correct the error.
Like a Meteorite Striking Earth (or Not) (1F,1M) Maddie and Dezmond, next-door neighbors and best friends from the age of five, seem destined to spend the rest of their lives together - until, at 19, Dezmond discovers a different kind of love.
Love at First Serial Port (1F,1M) A fledgling writer finds more than she was expecting when she shops for a new computer on Valentine Day.
The Lovebirds (1F,1M) Actors portray Namibian lovebirds forced to meet by their parents who are more than ready for grandchicks.
Love in the Time of Cockleburs (3F,2M) A forest ranger has trouble getting would-be hikers to follow ranger protocol in this comedy that includes a cranky costume designer, her assistant who is intrigued by the dashing hiker in the orange jump suit, and a would-be poet who loves cats.
A Meeting in Dublin (1F,1M) The woman looks so familiar to him (and she should even though it’s been a long time) – if only he could remember why.
Mr. Fix-It Saves the Night (1F, 2M or just ask, 2F, 1M) There are some surprises when Gemma hires Mr. Fix-It to solve her husband’s snoring problem. (I also have a version with a Ms. Fix-It.)
A Mustache &
A Mattress
(1F,1M) She wants a mattress, he wants to sell her one, but then a mustache changes everything. In “35 in 10” from Dramatic Publishing.
The Palmetto Family (2F,2M) What's a cockroach family to do when the new tenant is so tidy that no one can find anything tasty to eat?
The Person in the Mirror (2F) Rose Ann creates a list of maladies to gain access to the medical lab where her mother works, but it's really a clever ploy to ask a serious question out of the presence of the stepfather Rose Ann considers dorky.
A Picnic in the Woods (1F, 1M) Ben and Charlotte have different ideas about almost everything related to picnic food and refrigeration.
Rosie's Dream (3F) It's 1890, and Rosie dreams of working at the Chicago Stockyards, but her mother has something else in mind for her young daughter.
Special Delivery (2F,2M) The receptionist at Bio-Geno Embryo, Inc. is always on top of things, despite over-eager sperm donors, late egg donors, insistent clients, and constant interruptions.
Sweet Potato Pie(s) (1F, 1M) Mandy and Jason reluctantly agreed to a blind date – and everything that could go wrong does until they discover an unlikely common interest.
They Say I’m Obsessive (2F) Vivian loves to count, but when it’s time to pay for her lunch, she discovers her money doesn’t add up.
A Trip to Eden (2F) A new phone app gives Sophie the chance to travel back to Eden and give Eve some salient advice.
Wallaroo, the Goldfish (2F + 1 either gender) Haley's mother thinks therapeutic intervention is needed for her precocious daughter who spends too much time with her pet goldfish and her father's psychology magazines.
Zimy & Zog Visit Earth (2F,1M) Can an ambitious scientist from another galaxy get enough material for her next scholarly publication? Will she finally fall for her eager assistant? And if not, what will happen to the Earthling in the strange box?
Benny & Pearl on the Waterfront (1F,2M) Two teens encounter a homeless veteran at a waterfront cleanup and gain much more than community service credit.
Bully, Bully (1F, 2M) A prison guard alternatively hassles and teases a worman who has come to visit a violent inmate. The guard makes assumptions about both the woman and the felon. A flashback to the woman and the inmate when both were nine years old reveals the truth.
A Couple of Scientists (1F,1M) Sam's wife Nessa dies unexpectedly, and the Medical Exsaminer seems to have more questions than answers at first - but when the answers come, they are deadly and stranger than fiction.
Felicity's Family Tree (2F) An elderly woman’s ideas about family clash with those of a social worker who thinks her client is mentally unstable.
In the Garden of Love (2F,1M) A young couple find their love tested when a mysterious box appears on the woman's doorstep.
Juice (2F,1M) Todd, a recovering alcoholic, can stay with his wife and baby only if he accepts a job that will be a constant reminder of a friend's horrific death.
Look What Billy Gave Me (1F,1M) Johnny and his mother have very different reactions to the gun Johnny traded his robot for.
Mama’s Laundry Starch (2F) The Chicago cousin thinks nothing interesting happens in Georgia, but her country cousin reveals a surprising bit of history dating back to freedom days in Africa.
740 Is a Blue Ribbon (2F) Gloria, a high school senior, has been eagerly awaiting some mail, the same mail that her mother has been dreading – and hiding.
War & Peace (1F,2M) A mass grave yields three living people - two soldiers from opposite sides of a conflict and a mysterious woman. Should they cooperate? Should they kill each other? Who has the most power, and how should it be used? A meditation on how war affects and infects us.