Busking is in My Blood (1F) A woman has no apologies when explaining to a judge why she was busking. Comedy.
Dead Deer in the Dark
(1F) A teenage girl talks into a tape recorder to her teacher explaining why she has decided to become a poet. Drama.
Don't Call Me Loretta (1F) When a hungry customer arrives just before closing, the server does everything she can to get him out the door. Comedy.
The End of My Life as a Back Porch Beautician (1F) A new widow happily anticipates retirement and gives her last customer an unforgettable hair experience. Comedy.
The Fish in the Dumpster (1F) Angie can't believe her boyfriend has abandoned her at a highway exit, but she uses her time to deal with something evil that is trying to take over her body. Drama.
I Changed My Mind (1F) A high school student decides against surgery to remove a birthmark from her face. Drama.
I Didn't Know That (1F) A law student visits a woman convicted of murdering the man who raped her. Drama.
John Doe & A Better Life (1M) The ghost of a man who'd just moved to California in 1928 shares his hopes and tells how the St. Francis Dam broke, killing more than 400 people - including him. Drama.
Learning by Moonlight (1F) See One Act Plays.
Like Always (1F) Dorothy's plan to poison a young disabled girl backfires terribly. Drama
A Man Named Mack (1F) Sue Ellen tells her son about the new man in her life, a man whose first two questions to her were "What sign are you?" and "Are you saved?" Comedy.
The Meditation Room (1M) A suicide bomber enters the meditation room at the airport where he discovers a roomful of young girls. Drama
The Mirror in the Motel (1F) A woman looks into a motel mirror and thinks she is talking with the man she spent the night. Drama.
Mrs. Cook Tells It Like It Is (1F) The mother of a teenage boy makes it clear to his girlfriend's mother that she has no intention of interfering in their relationship. Drama.
My Dad's Birthday and the Tangled Fishing Lines (1M) A teen sentenced to spend time every day with the police officer he injured talks about his father. Drama.
My Turquoise Sock (1F) Pamela isn't leaving the laudromat without her missing sock - no matter what the cost. Comedy.
"One Black WAC" (1 AA F) See One Act Plays.
A Real Good Day (1F) Ava explains to a police officer why she's happy about her dramatic celebration of the Fourth of July. Seriocomic.
Requiem for a Pair of Manicure Scissors (1F) Loss, love, and memory intertwine when a gift received in childhood suddenly breaks. Drama.
Size Nine Skates (1F) Sandy is celebrating her 12th birthday at a skating rink when her mother's friend gives her a gift she doesn't want - but is expected to use. Drama.
Smoothness (1M) A father seeks just the right wood to craft a new leg for his son who was injured in the Civil War. Drama.
Teddy (1M) An innocent young man tries to return an item of lingerie that has blown from his neighbor's clothes line. Comedy.
200 Is Just A Number (1F) Mabel explains how being overweight is part of her identity. Seriodrama.
We Belong Together (1M) A high school student invites a classmate to be his girlfirend and prom date - because both of them are unpopular and unattractive. Comedy.
Why I Left Your Father for a Man Named Mack (1F) Sue Ellen is leaving her husband to marry a mechanic who raises worms and has seven missing teeth.
Booking (2F, 5 pages) Trudy isn't just shopping for a book - she's shopping for man and she's quite sure she's found the one until Robin shares some inside information.
Bort, the Hideous
(3M, 4 pages) A stranger visits a sideshow and reveals a secret that changes everything for Bort, the Hideous.
Bully, Bully (1F, 2M, 6 pages) A prison guard shares his assumptions about a violent inmate with a female visitor who knew the inmate as a child.
Cody & The 200 Million Years (2M, 4 pages) Cody is convinced he's turning into a turtle, but his father isn't buying it.
A Dance Lesson (2F, 1 page) The mother of the bride needs a dance lesson now, but she doesn't like the looks of the only instructor in the studio.
Don't Call Me Loretta (1F, 1M, 5 pages) When a customer arrives just before closing hoping for something that tastes good, a waitress decides to hold nothing back.
Double Entréee (2F, 1 page) Gigi's conversation with Lulu at DeeDee's Diner is full of double words from pawpaw to mahimahi and couscous.
Felix (1F, 1M, 4 pages) Amber announces she's leaving Michael - for a cat named Felix.
The First Anniversary Gift (1F, 1M, 7 pages) Don and Sheri have very different ideas about an appropriate first anniversary gift.
Halloween Treats (1F, 1M, 6 pages) Darlene has been bitten by the Healthy Food Bug and the results are not pretty as she and Charlie greet trick-or-treaters.
Hat Check (1F, 1M, 7 pages) Giant hats worn by ladies on Derby Day can lead to identity theft.
In Ancient Egypt (1F, 1M, 5 pages) Jonathan seems to be losing his wife to a harp.
In the Pumpkin Patch (1F, 1M, 5 pages) An artist and a woman who pretends to be a witch fight over the perfect pumpkin.
It's So Me, Mom! (2F, 5 pages) A mother and daughter disagree about proper prom attire.
The Jar (1F, 2M, 5 pages) Death of a family member triggers memories and a fight over a jar full of something quite strange.
Junky Jeff's Antique Emporium (1F, 2M, 5 pages) Barbara wants hobnail plates, Fred wants a diver's helmet, and Tom wants a sale - and a little respect.
Le Petit Café de Fleurs (1F, 1M, 1 page) A haughty waiter has words with a diner who objects to the flower in her salad.
The Librarian (1F, 1M, 5 pages) In this R-rated play, it's 100 years from now, and a staid librarian is anything but helpful when a researcher asks for material on sex and death, both of which are now illegal.
Most Wanted Santa (2F, 1M, 7 pages) The naughty one in this R-rated play is Santa, not the girl who thinks he smells funny.
My Second Toes (2F, 3 pages) A woman sleeping near an outdoor fountain and a fashionista nearly come to blows over a pair of hip waders.
Papaya (1F, 2M, 6 pages) A singles bar where, no surprise, singles check out one another, but there's a twist here, and its not in the lady's drink.
The Petition (1F, 2M, 47 pages) Bertram and Matilda seek assistance from the Monster Arbitrator but the results are not what they anticipated.
Pig-a-Boo Appetizers (1F, 1M, 3 pages) The man from the singles ad is late, the waiter is irritating, but surprises are in store for both of them.
Shakespeare & Thee (1F, 1M, 1- and 3-page versions) She knows it wasn't meant to be when he asks what Shakespeare's last name is.
Show Me Your Left Hand (1F, 1M, 1- and 4-page versions) Both are looking for love, but in the speediest possible way.
Tex's Great Uncle Ernest (1F, 1M, 3 pages) Tina objects to John wearing cowboy attire to a funeral.
The Vacation (1F, 1M, 2 pages) She's not nearly ready for a vacation she impulsively scheduled, but he's cool, calm, and collected.
Where's Peter Cottontail? (2F, 5 pages) A young girl who can't locate the Easter bunny makes a deal with her teenage sister..